Worldwide insurance for European athletes

Amateur or seasoned sportsmen? Professionals of the organization?

The Multisports Impact Card is for you: it is intended to cover resident amateur athletes from the European Union, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

From € 0.22 per day, year or day, IMPACT MULTISPORTS insurance and assistance covers amateur and frequent athletes, residents of the European Union, Switerland and the United Kingdom during the practice Of a sporting activity, without any altitude limit.

This comprehensive and relevant insurance and assistance mainly provides for the following guarantees:
- 24/7 Coverage Repatriation Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- A guarantee of search and rescue costs including helicopter, up to 30.000 € and without altitude limit
- Reimbursement of sports and leisure activities
- An Individual Accident Guarantee
- A guarantee Care costs