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Individual card

Individual card

Impact Multisports covers you for your sporting activities throughout the year


Prices close to your needs

102€ / year

75€ / year

Assistance benefits


Repatriation or medical transport

Actual expenses

Repatriation of accompanying persons

Return ticket

Repatriation of children under 18 years of age

Round-trip ticket or hostess

Visit from a relative

Round-trip ticket* 150 € per night (Max 10 nights)

Medical expenses outside the country of residence

Medical expenses outside the country of residence

20 000 €


50 €

Dental care

300 €

Advance on hospitalization cost

20 000 €

Medical expenses in case of accident

Following the practice of a covered sporting activity

3 500 €

Rehabilitation equipment

150 €

Sending medications abroad

Shipping costs

Repatriation of remains

Repatriation of remains

Actual expenses

Funeral expenses necessary for transport

800 €

Early return

Early return

Return ticket*

Replacement driver

Replacement driver

Transport ticket* or driver

Legal assistance abroad

Advance of bail

15 000 €

Payment of legal fees

3 500 €

Search and rescue costs

Search and rescue costs

30 000 €

Transmission or urgent messages

Transmission or urgent messages

actual expenses


In case of accidental damage to your personal sporting material

Rental Fee

300 € per year (max 2 claims per year)

Costs or interruption of sporting activities and/or leisure

Costs or interruption of sporting activities and/or leisure

Pro rata temporis

Max 500 € per year

deductible of 50 € per claim

Individual accident

Accidental death

5 000 €

Total permanent disability following an accident

5000 €
reducible in theHowever event of partial permanent disability according to the scale for Work-related Accidents of the Social Security.
Relative deductible: Any accident covered under this contract resulting in partial Permanent Disability of less than or equal to 10% will not give rise to the payment of any compensation. However for any disability greater than 10% no deductible will be applied.

Maximum per event

50 000 €

General exclusions

Services that have not been requested during the trip or that have not been arranged by us or in agreement with us do not entitle the customer to reimbursement or compensation after the trip,

Catering and hotel expenses, except those specified in the text of the guarantees,

Damage caused intentionally by the Beneficiary and that resulting from his participation in a crime, misdemeanour or brawl, except in case of self-defence,

The amount of for convictions and their consequences,

The use of narcotics or drugs not medically prescribed,

The state of alcoholic intoxication,

Customs fees,

Participation as a competitor in a competitive sport or a rally for which a national or international classification is awarded and which is organised by a sports federation for which a licence is issued, as well as training for such competitions, *.

The Impact Multisports insurance complements the guarantees of the official license, which is deemed as the deductible.

The practice, in a professional capacity, of any sport,

Participation in competitions, on board any airborne locomotive,

The consequences of non-compliance with recognized safety rules related to the practice of any leisure sports activity,

Expenses incurred after returning from the trip or after expiry of the cover,

Accidents resulting from your participation, even as an amateur, in the following sports: motor sports (regardless of the motor vehicle used, except for the electrically-assisted bicycles being covered, air sports (the kite surf and speed riding being covered), hunting dangerous animals, skeleton, caving, including international, national or regional classifications, sailing alone and/or more than 60 miles from the coast.

Voluntary non-compliance with the regulations of the country visited or the practice of activities not authorized by the local authorities,

Official prohibitions, seizures or restrictions by law enforcement

Use by the Beneficiary of air navigation equipment,

The use of war devices, explosives and firearms,

Damage resulting from intentional or fraudulent misconduct on the part of the Beneficiary in accordance with Article L.113-1 of the Insurance Code,

Suicide and attempted suicide,

Epidemics, pollution, natural disasters,

Civil or foreign war, riots, strikes, demonstrations, acts of terrorism, hostage taking,

The disintegration of an atomic nucleus or any irradiation from an energy source of a radioactive nature.